IVR v3.0 for VoIP Released!

September 05, 2012

DCI is proud to announce the next major release of it's core IVR processing platform verion 3.0.  CTO Les Piech comments: "Version 3 represents a complete redesign of our core IVR call processing platform in service for nearly 20 years now.  Although we have maintained TDM compatibility, version 3 focuses on native VoIP connectivity with support for SIP and other protocols.  Version 3 is 100% compatible with all existing call flows while adding new features and functionality that take advantage of the VoIP environment.  The new platform is completely interoperable with all existing technology platforms including SMS integrations, as well provisioning interfaces and billing systems.  We're pleased to bring this new technology to our new and existing customers and very excited to see the benefits and innovations that will emerge from this new call processing platform"