Solutions and Services

Our advanced call processing platform integrates all of our services into a single call solution
for call processing, billing and fulfillment and is available in out of the box applications and for
custom solutions. Our solutions are geared towards CLECs and large IPs.


Our IVR platform is the highly flexible and scalable able to create intricate call flows on a
reliable and scalable platform for both TDM and VoIP applications. The strength of the
platform is its unique ability to make call routing and billing decisions in real time before or
after the call is answered based on information about the calling phone number, time of day,
user input, risk management and many other factors. Fulfillment can be provided onsite
or bridged out to any global destination, or both. The platform also features support for
multilingual programs and interoperability with SMS and ADC services, an online web console
for configuration and management of services, risk management, and real time call detail with
advanced call filtering as well as downloadable daily CSV files.

High Volume Response IVR

Rated for processing up to 100,000 calls per hour the DCI HVR platform gives you enormous call
processing capacity, program control via web API and real time posting of call detail records.
Interoperability with our Premium SMS and ADC services gives this powerful platform universal
call and text message processing to drive your high volume campaigns. Existing applications of
the platform include TV call in programs and game shows as well as web response campaigns.

SMS Apps and APIs

SMS services are currently available in the USA, Canada, the UK and many European countries as
well as Australia.  Our integrated services platform allows users and developers to access local
SMS services in each available country bypassing international text message rates and allowing
direct communication between users internationally.  Choose Ready-to-go apps like international
group chat or table reservation service, or integrate SMS directly into your service with a simple
REST API to push messages to users or chat groups, request a response from a user delivered
via callback URL such as code verification apps, or notification apps as would be used
for appointment reminders.

Contact us to find out more and setup your developer's account.

Premium ADC (Abbreviated Dialling Code)

Currently available in Canada, tap into the lucrative mobile market with Premium ADC calling
from all major Canadian mobile carriers. Mobile callers simply dial # plus a 4-digit number to
access premium content. ADC services are available for both our standard and high volume IVR
applications. Common applications include:

  • Television voting.
  • Ordering ringtones.
  • Charity donations.
  • Mobile services


Global Access

DCI is able to provide global access to all our call processing platforms with local, toll free and
international toll free service as well as native skype, google voice and iNum connectivity in the
US and Canada and around the globe. Mobile Originated (MO) SMS messages are available to
local numbers in a growing list of countries including the US, Canada and UK.

Use our convenient and cost effective access platform to provide local “free” services, for
customer service and global support lines, advertising and much more. Our integrated platform
allows you to use the same local number for both IVR and SMS applications. Our advanced geo
tagging service allows your callers to find the local number closest to their current location.